Vignesh. S

         Like Blood, I want to travel all over and share my journey with you. I know one life is not enough for this. My Blog is convenient to expose my activities. Because of my Blog even if a person feels like I felt, or gained some information, I will be so delighted. So, Welcome to our Blog.

       I am not wealthy person just a          from normal middle class family           with    lot of dreams. I believe in   A.P.J. Abdul kalam sir words which   is  “Great Dreams of Great Dreamers are always Transcended”. My Town is Mettur Dam. I completed my Schooling in 2017 with good percentage. And, I don’t know still now how did   I choose                      BE-Mechanical Engineering. And, I         successfully completed by Graduate    in 2021. Lot of confusion and I have   lot of ideas on my career, so, I don’t    know which field is apt for me. Still   Thinking of my Fate !!!

Allie M_ Taylor _ Travel Blog For Adventure Seekers

          My Hobbies are watching movies and series. I am so mad in films. I will observe and get surprised how did they made this. And, I play Badminton, actually I also dreamt to be a sport person in Badminton. But, that is not in our hand, have to work hard to achieve. But, I tried my best maybe it is not enough for me I think. And I like to Travel. Then, Chatting, Eating, Sleeping are some of my daily activities.                                                           In this Blog, I am going to write and share my Life experience and Desired activities or Dreamt activities. Well, I am so excited to share with you all. Actually, I am not good in Language but it is understandable. So, No worries. This will be my digital Diary, which my memories is stored and can be recollected when I read this. This is also new for me. I am so happy that I am going learn something new. 

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