My Memories on Hill Station – FURT DAPIS…           I am in a clear state of mind that, we will not carry any assets when we die. So, not to spend my whole life in earning but also in spending. I just follow one rule “We earn to live, not live


Everyone miss their home place when they are away!!!                 My Home town in Mettur Dam. It is not a simple place to describe easily. It has lot of place to explore and experience it. It a small town which comes under Salem District, Tamil Nadu. In this


Food which Inspired me a lot !!!                     Home food is the first most likely food to all. Since, I haven’t explored a lot, I just tried few variety of platters and dishes. In that, I attracted specifically to Full Meals and Biriyani. Biriyani is a


Journey Towards Liberty…                     First comes plan. Important aspects to keep in mind is Planning, Preparation, Execute. My journey with friends is most unforgettable memory. Because it was my first long trip and it turns out success, because of fine co-ordination and sticking to the plan.


A Day in CORONA !!!                     Nobody will forget this incident. A small microstructural virus which cause a great loss to the world. People suffered in hospitals, Population reduced, Workers, Farmers and Others lost their job. They were forced to the position of getting things difficult.

Opinion 1


What will you choose Friend or Lover Or Family ??? Opinion is saying or sharing our feeling and thoughts about others or something or an event. First, It  is a Tricky question. And it is so difficult to choose one. When Considering Factors so called age or time it differs. Each play a role. When it

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