A Day in CORONA !!!

                    Nobody will forget this incident. A small microstructural virus which cause a great loss to the world. People suffered in hospitals, Population reduced, Workers, Farmers and Others lost their job. They were forced to the position of getting things difficult. No transport, No food for many, No work for daily wages. Because of lack of transport automatically there is hike in price in essentials. Most crucial time, death rate increased rapidly. And Finally, due to immediate action by government, the rate is reducing gradually. Special mention should be given to doctors, police, corporation workers who expose themselves to such danger and done their job which helped to save others life knowing that their life is also in risk. They left their families behind and came forward. A great salute to them. Organization and group of people also came forward and helped the needy. So, courageous and proud moment it is, for their action. And, many people helped by funded the government to help the needful, even a children came forward by giving their savings which shows unity and true nature of their heart. 

                    To spent a single day is so difficult to spend. Routine time has changed because of lockdown, safety measure  which is taken to prevent the spread of virus. Laziness has grown inside me. Sleep mode is changed to from 1am to 8am(approx). Times of eating food changed. Other than eating only entertainment that drives a day is OTT, which helped me a lot. This results in getting scolding from parents. No work is done by me in home. My only work is Eating, Surfing, Sleeping. So, mind is disturbed. Thoughts circulated in my mind a lot. So, it made sleeping difficult. What I am going to do in my life? What is going to happen next in my life? These are the questions which circulated in mind. And, also being always in home, made Anxiety and Stress. So, When I am going to forget all my worries and come like bird to fly in sky. I am waiting for the day to step out and breathe like I am free. From my experience, don’t think too much in mind. Just remember this ” Everything happens for a Reason “.

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