Everyone miss their home place when they are away!!!

                My Home town in Mettur Dam. It is not a simple place to describe easily. It has lot of place to explore and experience it. It a small town which comes under Salem District, Tamil Nadu. In this post I am going to navigate to my home town and what can you experience there and when is right time to visit there, what are the places to see. I am going to say the beauty of my town and share my feelings with you. And, at last I am going to share my mischievous activities.  

                  The Huge Dam also called Stanley Reservoir, which is one of the largest dams in India, located across the river Cauvery. The full capacity of dam is 120ft. Mettur is also known for power generation. It has Thermal power station and Hydro power station. Most of the water required for irrigation in Tamil Nadu is provided by Mettur Dam. The park is situated at the base of the dam which is a tourist place to visit. And, fish from river Cauvery is very famous. Fishing, Electricity and Agriculture are the main occupation done here. Mettur is so greeny so, It is very eye catchy place. Climate will be always moderate because Mettur is surrounded by hills. Mettur is border of Tamil Nadu. It is just 40kms to reach Karnataka. Every necessary things are available here. Transport facility is too good. When it comes to food, the culture of food is awesome here. Salem is famous for Mango. The Ooty of poor people which is Yercaud, famous hill station is near to Mettur. Once, Mettur is fully explored you feel like a heaven.

                  I remember my childhood days how I spent and had fun with friends in these places. The weekend trekking, Bike outing, Late Night walking and chatting, Chat corner, Weekend bet matches, playing, Stealing also happens sometimes but no offenses it happened in my childhood. And silly fights are making me happy now when I thought about those days. Like this, Everyone has their unique story and feeling for their home town. You too can share your experience with us. 

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