Journey Towards Liberty...

                    First comes plan. Important aspects to keep in mind is Planning, Preparation, Execute. My journey with friends is most unforgettable memory. Because it was my first long trip and it turns out success, because of fine co-ordination and sticking to the plan. First choosing the budget for the whole trip which is more important, the time, when we are planning to visit our locations. Because of factors to consider like weather and climatic conditions of the site. Food and stay is varies by budget for the trip. So, consider this factor too. All set, Our voyage is three days with three beautiful location. Everything is ready, Backpacking is done, can’t able to sleep before that night of beginning of the journey. Expectation and Excitement which surrounded my mind. Early morning our drive started, we all aboard on fairy (car). Amusement started when we hopped on our fairy. A person who drives the fairy is so nice and too gentle with us. He came with us like Guardian Angel. Our First stop is Ooty. The on road uphill is so amazing, wind on the face, sun rise and the view which is incomparable, It is heaven on Earth. Weather is so pleasant and so attracting. The view from top is no words to express. No doubt to say Ooty as Queen of hills. All the tea from tea estates and fresh carrots and home made chocolates which is pulling towards it. A song playing on the ways of our journey is like nobody there to stop, I am the only one in world. Beauty of flowers and view of lakes and pine forests and view point are highlights which made to think to stay there itself. But what to do, stick to the plan.

                    Again journey continues by evening towards the city of palaces(Mysore). Outer to the city we stopped and stayed due to dark. At hotel can’t able rest myself because of thinking about Ooty and about upcoming locations. Rise and Shine, Day started with the mighty and glorious Mysore Palace. And, I was so shocked on seeing how it was build in that period. The structure, sculpture, art and painting were unique. I realized one thing that I have to know lot in history. I am freeze because the palace was majestically standing in center. Next we saw few more palace and went to zoo and it is amazing to see. Time flies like eagle. Myself and my friends are easily get adapted to the place, food and culture. In that way, I am so lucky to have like these friends. So, there is no problem between us during the travel. Two days two different location. And, Finally most expected place is here. Our final location is Wonderla, Bangalore. Final day with fully fun overloaded. Enjoyed each and every moment there, without wasting a second. Tried every ride and covered all the water slides  and I am too happy. No hunger on food but on rides. We are not ready by heart to leave there, but no way, it’s closing time. Finally journey is going to end. Can’t accept the truth, but it is going to happen. Finally with all the money saved on previous days, went to dhaba and ended with feast. The Feast begins and our voyage ends. But our memories will not fade. My suggestions to everyone will be everyone should take brake and get relaxed by visiting your dream place.      

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