Food which Inspired me a lot !!!

                    Home food is the first most likely food to all. Since, I haven’t explored a lot, I just tried few variety of platters and dishes. In that, I attracted specifically to Full Meals and Biriyani. Biriyani is a single dish which comprises of all tastes and time taken to cook is low and easy to cook. Biriyani comes under celebration food which is mostly taken during that time. Biriyani is made with Indian spices, rice, and meat. It gives different flavors and taste while using different type of Indian spices and variety of rice and different meat which we use. In addition to biriyani, egg, raitha and dalcha is served which is an add on combo. When thinking of biriyani, my mouth is full of saliva. Sorry, If I made you to feel the same. A single dish with perfect flavor and taste gives pleasant feeling and make stomach full. At the time of opening the dum the smoke from biriyani is unique. Masterpiece of biriyani lies in spices.

               Next comes the platter. Full meals comprises of complete dish, main course, starter, side dish and dessert. It is easy to say that it is a feast to stomach. Actually, Full meals will be an unlimited one. I choice when I am hunger is definitely Meals. Starting with Fish Broth which smell lasts after washing our hands next Chicken Broth, Rasam and curd with any one gravy. Finally Dessert is served. The truth is can’t able to finish the first round. we usually get full. We Live by eating, We earn to live, So, spending on food is good. Taste, Quality, Quantity and Cost is important to remember. 

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