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          I am in a clear state of mind that, we will not carry any assets when we die. So, not to spend my whole life in earning but also in spending. I just follow one rule “We earn to live, not live to earn”. The famous hill station which is FURT DAPIS is one of my dream place to visit. And, in my “To Do” list one task is completed and I am happy about that. I am going to share my memories with you.

“Memories never Fade Away”. 

Memories- Trip
Hill Station


After Our Death, we will live in someone’s memories. So, create memories. One of the unforgettable Journey is FURT DAPIS. Because always unplanned is a more exciting one. During a pandemic situation, this unplanned trip comes to mind and it happens. FURT DAPIS is a beautiful place to visit at any time. But during this situation made mind relaxing one. And, generally, I love to explore especially when it comes to hill station, I got more excited. This is made me feel myself after a long time. Without any disturbance or any trouble, I enjoyed it a lot. 

                                 “You will Live Once, so make use of it”.

A Bike Ride is a wonderful feeling where the breeze on our face gives a pleasant feeling and feel the beauty of nature. My trip is also a Bike Trip for a total of two days with my brother who is a friend to me. Since we are away from our hometown, he is the one who cared for me much and stands for me. A Journey towards FURT DAPIS begins in such awesome weather conditions. Hearing songs and chatting and exploring new places while traveling is a good memory for me. The food from there is different and delicious. Their style of making food is different so it added taste to it. The FURT DAPIS gives peace to mind. Our stay also there is so nice with camp firing and also on tent stay is a new experience for me. I am adapted to that place.

                                        “Home is Not a Place…it’s a Feeling”.

We started exploring the FURT DAPIS and it was amazing. Starting from the lake, in Lake, a boat ride is best time passing activity next flower garden mesmerizing flowers made stunned me. Public Park with fun activity is another activity that adds beauty to the FURT DAPIS. Finally, Birds Park, there feeding the birds is an unforgettable moment because it is not like feeding them by giving food in a cage but going inside the cage and mingle with birds and giving food. I felt like flying and that moment made me so joyful. These are some of the activities done there which will be in my memories forever.

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth”.

Without wanting to come back, we started our way back journey, but my heart is wanting to stay longer. But there is a commitment we have. So, FURT DAPIS is just a break from that. The time spent in the hill station is amazing. The Mode of the journey is perfect and the time that decided to go FURT DAPIS is flawless. Every factor is perfectly suited. so this wonderful experience happened in life and I got unforgettable memory from FURT DAPIS. It is my responsibility to thank Time and God because without it during this current scenario it wouldn’t happen. And thanks for the safe journey. My final thanks to my parents for allowing me and believing me.

“Happiness is your Parents being your Friends”.

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