What will you choose Friend or Lover Or Family ???

                    Opinion is saying or sharing our feeling and thoughts about others or something or an event. First, It  is a Tricky question. And it is so difficult to choose one. When Considering Factors so called age or time it differs. Each play a role. When it comes to friend, from the day of remembrance, friend will be there in all good and bad till the end of life. He is the one who stand with you in all situation and support you. Friendship has a strong bond. Feelings can be easily shared because of trust with friend. Next, When it comes to Lover, He / She will be known from after a period of time to rest of our life, if it is real. Like, Oars which help to move the boat, Understanding and sacrifice plays a major role which helps to lead a happy and healthy life. Love is an emotion or feeling which can’t be expressed in words easily. Finally, Family means everything. Our life is for them because they are the reason for I am here. Sometimes, we hide our problems or some matters to avoid the pain that causes them, but love towards them is lot. 

                    When it comes to my life, supports and loves are from all the sides. And it’s impossible to choose one. Everyone plays a fantastic role in my life and creates a cheerful moments which I will not forget. At times, It may vary, but finally for my my life I needed three, so I can be bold and optimistic to face the problems and enjoy the moments and create memories. Like magnet, attract positivity and repel negativity. Relationships always stands in side of positivity.

It’s Your Turn Now (Opinion):

                    “Think before you do”. Everyone will be your friend, but you have to choose your friend who will be your trustworthy. Then, you have to wait and when you are sure that you are on your own and able to look after others, that is the right time to choose your love or better half. Before that time you may have felt that feelings but that is not a right time to expose. To support yourself, Family will always be there for you. They sacrifice for you and so you have to believe in your family. Hope, you will decide what to do !!! Just remember your opinion should not hurt others, it should be valid and acceptable to everyone.


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